Welcome at InFö in Tübingen!

If you recently came to Germany or if you are a migrant who needs help – you are welcome! We offer German language courses and we offer expert advice to any questions related to migration and integration – from the migration laws to social service to hints for everyday life in Germany.

„Integrationskurse“ - Language courses - A language course according to the German migration law (Aufenthaltsgesetz) consists of - a basic language course (Basiskurs) of 300 hours (during 12 weeks) - an advanced training course of the same duration and a final „orientation“ course (Orientierungskurs) of 45 hours, which provides knowledge in German history, politics and society.

The lessons are from Monday to Friday from 08:30 to 12:50. In the end there is a test and you can achieve the language level A2 or B1.

Registration: Tel. 07071-33005, Frau Lanig-Herold We would prefer, if you came to us directly. We can help you to fill the application form for the Bundesamt für Migration und Flüchtlinge (BAMF, Federal Office for Migration and Refugees). Please bring your identity card or passport. Our language courses for migrants are mandated by the BAMF.

„Migrationsberatung für Erwachsene“ - Expert advice for migrants Also mandated by the BAMF we advice migrants in questions of language training, in all questions of migration and residence laws, in all questions of integration and social services like health, family, housing and education. This service is free of charge. Registration: Please make an appointment with Frau Lanig-Herold, Tel. 07071-33005 or just come to us.